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We offer you the best customized and expertized high quality wiring solutions for your dwellings.

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Customized and Expertized wining wiring solutions

We take pride in being one of the best wiring company in Sri Lanka to have such a divers and expensive range of wiring projects. We are one of the leading companies in the country because of our excellence and desire to adapt with new innovations and technology.

We are accredited with the best outputs of the project and system certifications of the wiring we’ve done with a continuous pursuit of evolving technology. We are determined to achieve even grater success because we do our projects well and we deliver it to client on time with 100% guarantee of what we’ve done.

Why Choose Us!​

We become the clients highly preferred choice by attaining excellence in premium quality and timely completed value added projects.

Upfront Pricing

We as a client friendly company, We think the desires and expectations of our customers and we adjust the price of your project without adjusting the quality of the project

Anytime Service

As a leading wiring company in Sri Lanka, We offer our clients the maximum service as you wish, You can contact us anytime and we are full engaged in the projects you've given to us

Qualified Experts

Wiring is an extremely cautious job which should be done by professional employees and experts because it may cause damage for lives and properties. As a client friendly company we use qualified experts

What We Offer

Typically we offer, such a large variety of wiring solution, In case of this, we commonly divide these into 2 sectors as Single-Phase wiring and Three-Phase wiring.

Single Phase Wiring

Single-Phase power is a two wire alternating current (AC) power circuit. typically there is one power wire that the phase wire and neutral wire with current following between the power wire (through the load) and the neutral wire

Three Phase Wiring

Three-Phase power is a three wire AC power circuit with each phase AC signal 120 electric degrees apart three phase is that a three phase power supply better accommodates higher loads

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