Data Networking

Data networking is a collection of interconnected communication systems designed to meet the present and future needs of customers. By connecting with traditional telephone computers, carrier services, video conferencing and much more, networking your communication allows customers to connect with their customers and the world.

Data has sent from one place to another, and the basic concepts are the same regardless of the application.

Clients, routers, switches, wireless LANs, and telephones combine to create an integrated infrastructure to meet an organization’s communication needs.

Technology is always advancing because data networking is so important. New methods are evolving and hardware is constantly improving, and areas such as network security and network monitoring are rapidly advancing to ensure a secure and effective productive environment within the network.


LAN is a type of network used to connect computers and servers to a central location for printing, file transfer, and storage. A LAN is a set up for as little as two or three computers and it is scaled up to a large business user base.


WANs are typically used for organizations with multiple links. Organizations where employees work remotely or from different offices often use a broader area network

Advantages of data networking

  • Communication is very easy when connected through a data network. Emails are sent internally as well as externally, files can easily transferred, and there are many other ways in which connecting computers over a network that can very useful. A floppy disk was required to physically move the file to its desired location without a network (flash memory sticks were not created at the time).
  • Collaborative work on a single document using a data network.
  • Access to centrally stored software often requires storing a single copy of the software on a central resource that can access as needed. When a license needs to use, this has ability to reserve for a user provided by a central resource.
  • Access to a centralized database: Many sales companies and other organizations have a centralized database that can access by telephone vendors as needed. It is a central resource and that can access by any person concerned.

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