Generator Wiring

To connect a portable generator with a manual switching switch to the home power supply system, follow these steps:

  • Install a change switch near the home’s main distribution board (about 63-100A depending on weight).
  • Connect the mains power supply (line and neutral) to the first top of the switching switch as shown in fig.
  • Connect a 6 AWG (7/064 ″ or 16mm2)”cable to the lower two slots of the changeover switch.
  • Now connect a 3-pin power socket to the 6AVG wire and install it on the wall (close to the generator) and plug the generator 3-power power plug into the power socket you previously installed.
  • You are ready to provide emergency power to home appliances in the event of an emergency power outage.
  • If you want to connect a specific load to the generator when the utility power is off, there is a chance that the generator may not able to handle the entire load as some of the load and the rest of the generator will on the mains power supply.

The method of connect a 1-Phase Generator to a Home by using Automatic Changeover Switch or 2 Pole Manual Transfer Switch (MTS)?

In this way, we need to use a two-pole (2P) automatic switch or switching switch to connect the generator to a house. The connection method for the 1st method is the same as mentioned above, but we need to use the single stage 2 pole automatic switch instead of the manual switch. This way there is no hesitation, as an example when the power is restored by the utility; the automatic transmission switch automatically detects the power and redirects it from the generator supply to the mains supply.

  • How to connect a portable generator to a home without modification or replacement?

The installation process is the same as above but without MTS (manual switching or modifying Siwtch). For this mode, deactivate both the mains switch (MCB) of the mains and the secondary MCB to which the generator is to connect. Now connect a power input or 3 pin power socket to the second MCB using 6 AWG (7/064 ″ or 16mm2). Now connect the 3 pin power plug generator to that power input or power socket

Its better to read the notes, warnings, instructions, manuals, and warnings provided before implementing this method. In some countries it may not that is legal due to security and hazards. Also, it is not recommended for beginners and is the only way for practical engineers and experienced technicians in the event of an emergency (i.e., power outages in hospitals during severe operations) and there is no option to restore power supply.

This is a very simple (as well as dangerous) way to connect a generator to a fuse board with the help of a 3-pin power wall socket and additional MCB. Quick restoration of electricity in the event of a power outage.

In the event of a power outage, turn off the main switch (DP MCB) and connect the generator 3-pin plug to the 3-pin power input / wall socket. It is already installed in the home wiring system as shown below.

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