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Some of the main categories of our main wiring services as the follows

Service & Maintenance

With our expert and skilled employees we suggest you to choose us for every service and maintenance wiring tasks in your home, resort or any other dwellings. we assure you to give the best service we can give you and we use our maximum effort to do the service and maintenance to heaty and safety.

System Replacement

One of the major benefits or updating your electrical is that your home and family will be protected from fire hazards that are mostly caused by overloaded circuits. So do not ignore and electrical system. so do not be too late to contact us. our professional will replace the existing system with high quality new system to an affordable price for you.

Single Phase Wiring

Single-Phase power is a two wire alternating current AC power circuit. Typically, There is one power wire the phase wire and one neutral wire with current flowing between the power wire (through the load) and the neutral wire. Single phase wiring installation is the most common wiring in residential buildings. In single phase supply (230v) There are 1 live and neutral wires incoming cables from the utility poles to energy meter and then directly connected to the main distribution board.

Three Phase Wiring

Three-Phase power is a three wire AC power circuit with each phase AC signal 120 electric degrees apart, Three phase is that a three phase power supply better accommodates higher loads. Single phase power supplies are most commonly used when typical loads are lightning or heating rather than large electric motors. We assume that we will only connect single phase load in this three phase electrical wiring installation. In other words, We will not power up three phase mortars because in our homes we haven't that kind of loads, If three phase load exists in your home, then you can do so, As we can see that the total load is exceeded the limit of single phase electrical wiring installation we will be feeding different rooms and areas in home, That is why we have to wire our distribution in the three phase system.

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