Three-Phase Wiring

Three Phase Wiring

Three-phase power supplies by four wires. Three hot wires carrying 120 power cords and one neutral. Two hot wires and a neutral power of 240 volts run to a piece of machinery. Three-phase power is more efficient than single-phase power. Imagine a man pushing a car up a hill. This is an example of single-phase power. Three-dimensional force is like pushing the same car on the same mountain by three people with the same strength. The three hot wires in a three-phase circuit are black, blue, and red. The white wire is neutral and uses a green wire for the ground.

What needs in three stages?

 Heavy equipment such as large motors (beyond HP motors 5) requires a three-phase supply or service, as such large devices require high starting and running currents.

Larger buildings, power plants and offices have higher power requirements than those used for indoor installations. Therefore, they are usually installed with a three-phase supply.

The three-phase power service is typically used for high-power equipment such as large air conditioners, high-grade pump sets, air compressors, and high-torque motors.

It is therefore rarely used for indoor installations but is widely used in commercial building, office and industrial installations.

Why We Need Three Phase Power Supply?

We need a three-phase power supply instead of a single-phase power supply to operate high-powered appliances. And for supply power to equipment such as electric motors and high-power rated air compressors. In typical homes, we mostly use it to operate light loads, fans, washing machines, etc. But in some cases, high-torque motors in industrial offices, multi-storey and large buildings, three-phase power supply is required to operate. Maintain the system.

How do it’s stages wire the main distribution board?

Typically, power supply and service providers install a single-phase power meter in domestic areas (consumer unit for home) weight less than 7.5kW (10HP). If the limit exceeds, it is recommended to install a 3-phase power meter for consumer units. When the load exceeds 7.5 kW, 3-phase wiring is recommended in indoor areas (homes).

In wiring these three stages, we are only involved in single stage loading (light point, fans, TV, power socket, AC, etc.). In other words, we do not power 3-phase motors because we do not have such (three-phase) load in our homes. If your home has a three-stage load, you can do it. As we can see that the total load exceeds the limit of single phase wiring as it feeds different rooms and areas of the house. That is why our distribution should need to do it from a three phase system.

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